Friday, 21 March 2014

Pins I Love - Cushions/pillows

Whatever you want to call them who doesn't love them (as a Brit I will be calling them cushions). They can make a room by brightening up a dull couch or just adding a touch of colour. I have made quite a few over the years in both crochet and cross stitch and I am always having to stop myself from making more. At the end of the day a room can only hold so many.

This first one is done in needlepoint. Although the pin linked to the blog of Jane Brocket I have had difficulty finding the post with this particular cushion. It still looks like an interesting blog. The lady seems to turn her hand to most things and her images are lovely. She's also had a few quilting books out by the looks of it. Back to the cushion, I think it would be fairly easy for someone who has done needle point to emulate this. It's a versatile pattern and you could use your own colours. I like it because it reminds me of a granny square. As always click on the images for the links.

It wouldn't be possible to have a post about cushions without having a few that involve sewing and fabric. I love this quilted design. Like the first one you could choose your colours to fit in with your room. You could also go all out on your fabric choices. What I love about it is the visible stitching. For me that just sets the whole thing off. Even better is that there is an actual tutorial for this. So just click on the image to get there. It seems to be a guest blogger on Sew Mama Sew which has lots of tutorials. Worth a look.

I love the simplicity of this one. The butterflies are cute but it's the bright colours on the neutral background that I like. This was designed by Diane of Craftypod and again if you click on the image it will take you direct to the tutorial. There seem to be a lot of tutorial on the blog and the author is working on a quilting book.

This is a fairly simple but effective crochet cushion. It uses just a simple double crochet and of course colour changes for the stripes. Of course if you used variegated yarn you wouldn't need to bother with the colour changes. Again this is linked to a tutorial. Fellow UK people beware of the US terminology.

I kind of saved the best to last. I think most people who love crochet will recognise the signature rainbow of this raindrop cushion. It is of course by Lucy of Attic24. Lucy is very famous in the crochet world for her choice of rainbow colours and her amazing tutorials. I've used her granny stripe tutorial myself. Her instructions are very easy to follow. So much so that she now has a studio where she holds tutorial sessions. Her blog is a must read as it is full of beautiful images and not just of her crochet. Definitely worth a look. Oh, and many an online company will actually sell you the colours she uses in packs to save you trying to work it out for yourself. US people beware of UK terminology.

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