Wednesday, 20 October 2010

So Pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This beautiful card is the creation of my friend Dawn of 3 Sneezes and a Magpie. It's so lovely and it was made just for me. It's a thank you card from herself and another friend, Donna, for teaching them socks. It even came in it's own little box! I can't believe the detail that has gone into it. Going to have to find a place to display it. As much as I am tempted to keep it in it's box so it doesn't get damaged I also think it would be a shame to hide it away. Thank you Dawn!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Square throw finally finished

I finished knitting this throw last week. I just needed to block it before I could photograph it. Even after blocking the edges are curling slightly. I know why it's doing that though. I cast off at an increase row when I should have done it the previous row or the next one. It didn't occur to me until I realised that blocking wasn't working as it should. Not to worry it still turned out and hopefully mum will still like it. She has a square table in her room that she has been trying to get a table clothe for. I am going to suggest she uses this as it's the right shape and it's thin enough since it's knitted using sock yarn.

I had plans for more of these square barn throws but I think I will be bored doing it again. Two is enough. I am not bored with blankets and throws in general though. I have more projects in mind for the future. For now though it's back to Christmas projects. I am almost finished the bulk of a shawl for my gran. I will start the border this week. Plus everyone can expect socks for their Christmas.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Sock lesson anyone?

A completed sock by one of my friends! To be fair this isn't her first sock, just her first toe-up sock. Still I am just pleased that I was actually able to pass something on. I have tutored before and helped out before but mostly to beginners. It's a bit different when those you are teaching are already experienced knitters. They can knit so you know that if they don't get it it's down to your teaching skills and not their ability. The next challenge would be to teach a complete beginner cuff down. Or maybe to teach a non knitter to knit. Anyone want a knitting lesson?

I should probably point out that my friends toe-up sock is so neat (a lot neater than the first toe-up sock I did). She is indeed a talented knitter. Her first cuff down sock was also tidier than my first attempt.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

I will finish it!

Remember this blanket I knitted for little sis a while back? I am working on another one for my mum (the red one that was meant for a friend who then changed her room - mum has now claimed it). I am determined to get it finished some time soon which is why I have had nothing to blog about the last few weeks. Fingers crossed I will have it finished this week. It already has 120 more stitches than the one pictured. Once done I can move on to more Craft fair prep (I might have the opportunity to take part in some local ones) and Christmas presents.

Tonight though I am off to see little sis for a craft night. The blanket is staying at home!