Friday, 26 February 2016

Sister's Easter Socks


Easter is a few weeks away yet but I was in a sock knitting kick and so I decided to start a pair for my sister. As you know we have a 'make the gift' policy when it comes to Easter.

You can't get more Easter-like than bright yellow (Easter chicks anyone?) and so I picked this colourway, called Zing, by For the Love of Yarn. Now it's a little bright even for me but it fits the theme and my sister will love it. It actually made for a cheery sight when the snow came down. As for the yarn base it's a merino/nylon blend. It's lovely to knit with as all of Lisa's yarns are.

The patter I chose for it is one that has been in my library for a long time. It's called Osier and is by Stefanina. You can find more of her patterns on her ravelry page but sadly she has not updated her blog in four years. I would say this pattern would be for your intermediate sock knitter. I say that only because of the way one of the rounds works out. You have to slip a stitch over the previous round but remember not to move the end of the round. Experienced knitters just learning to knit socks might find it to be an untaxing challenge.

What I love about it is that the pattern follows through both the cuff and the heel (this is the heel flap). It still give the heel it's sturdiness without disrupting the pattern. It was fun to watch it grow and I think that I would knit it again. I have a feeling that this pattern changes depending on the yarn colour. The images from the original pattern look different from mine. I attribute that to the brightness of the yellow but I still like it.

The only criticism I have is that it calls for only 2.5 repeats of the pattern for the leg. That works out at 30 rounds which makes it an ankle socks. This wasn't what I wanted and so it was easy enough to add an extra two repeats. I think making it shorter would have ruined it. If you look at the images on ravelry it would seem that other knitters had the same idea.

As I said, Easter is a few weeks away yet and I have plans to knit my sister another pair of socks. I already have an idea as to the yarn and the pattern. So watch this space.

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