Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Personalised Colouring

My sister has been telling me for weeks that she has been working on something for me but of course won't tell me what it is. No matter how much I nagged. Although once she did almost cave. I assumed it was some kind of art work as it was something that took more than a night (if it was sewing she would have it done in a day or two). Monday she came over for dinner and presented her finished gift. It was my very own personalised colouring book.

It contains all the things I love, mushrooms, owls, fish, seahorses and dragonflies. She ensured that it was extra leafy because she knows how much I love the leaves. She scanned the images into her computer and printed them out onto extra thick card before binding the pages. The card thickness was so that I could use pen or pencil.

She even printed out a few extra pages so that she could colour with me. A happy night was spent on Monday with the two of us colouring away. Me with pen and my sister with pencil.

Personally I think my sister should set up an etsy page where people can buy their own colouring book. My Pins I Love post on Adult Colouring show that this can be successful. Not sure my sister is keen on the idea though. In the meantime I have a unique colouring book that no one else has.

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