Friday, 19 February 2016

A Walk in the Park

My sister and I have taken to long walks in local parks providing the weather is good. When you live in Glasgow all your life you forget that there are all of these lovely places to explore right on your door step. The last time we walked round Pollock park it was autumn and all the leaves were changing colour. We took the opportunity to take photographs as we went. Those photographs were all take with out iPhones.

That's the other thing that is easy to forget. With camera phones and how advanced they have become cameras are hidden away in drawers forgotten about. A few years ago (before my iPhone) my dad got me a Canon S90 digital camera. I used it for the knitting group but as soon as I got my phone it was easier to download straight from that. So I forgot just how good my camera is. So I took it with me this time and put it to good use.

I am lucky in that I have an artist for a sister and so she pointed me in the right direction with my first few photographs. After that I used my own instinct (she says I have a good eye).

I like the comparisons to autumns photo's with all the bare trees although there is still lots of green about.

This photograph is probably my favourite and I think I will get this one enlarged and framed for project new home. I like it because of the light filtering through in the background.

More importantly we actually got to see the cows this time and managed a few close ups. This poor cow spent much of the time being pushed along.

This last one was from the train station on the way home. When the sun finally came out and my poor sister was suffering from a migraine.


  1. Your sister is right you have a great eye! I particularly like the photos of the lichen. So much texture I want to touch them!

    1. Thank you. I enjoyed taking them. I am thinking when I have more time on my hands I might like to take a photography class. Study something creative for a change. xx