Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Thank You For Your Kindness!

 My last post was a dedication to my mum. This one is sort of a dedication to my mum but really a huge thank you to everyone who showed kindness to my mum over her short illness. First of all a huge thank you to the knitting group who made this quilt for my mum. I know I already posted on this but this blanket meant so much to my mum. All the nurses who visited her often commented on it and it now has pride of place over her chair in her room.

The matching cushions were a nice surprise that came later, also from the group. I think this was mainly the work of our Izzi who orchestrated the making of the blanket. My mum appreciated the kindness and the work that went into this.

A thank you to the lovely Lisa from For the Love of Yarn. My mum signed up with the blanket club back in December. This was something we were doing together. When she felt up to it these wonderful colours distracted my mum. Lisa even wound the yarn for her to make it easier. I've been working on the remaining squares and the lovely Lisa has made it possible for me to finish this blanket in honour of my wee mum.

More gifts from the knitting group came when my mum was unable to go away to Gartmore. A trip my mum always looked forward to. Helen came along with cake from the weekend and face scrubs. My mum was grateful that people were thinking of her and loved the scents.

The lovely Magdalena behind Stitching a Rainbow came to see us one day with pretty tulips, this lovely crochet angel and these lovely heart shaped cookies. Thank you so much. The tulips and the cookies are long gone but I kept the little angel safe.

My mum also received countless gifts from friends from her work. She was overwhelmed by all these gifts which included a box filled with red, cosmetics, baking and flowers. She also received a lavender tree (one of mum's favourites). It survived me looking after it and mum loved it's smell. Now it is even starting to flower. In the box filled with red items there was a potted plant with red flowers. The flowers are gone but the plant is still going strong and I think we will see the flowers again next year. Thank you to all of you. Clearly you knew my mum very well.

 A huge thank you to the lovely Elena. She came to our knitting group to learn to get help with her crochet. She based her degree show round crochet and made this lovely dedication to my mum. Sadly I didn't get to see her work but you can see it here as a few of the ladies from the group managed to see it. I know my mum would have been there.

A huge thank you to all the countless flowers my mum received. She loved her flowers and the site cheered her up. I would also like to say a huge thank you to all the flowers we received in the weeks since my mum passed. A huge thank you to all the messages of support sent to my mum and ourselves. A huge thank you to those who donated to Marie Curie and the Beatson on behalf of my mum. A thank you to my mum's work who raised £753 for Marie Curie on behalf of my mum. A huge thank you to the knitting group who plan to walk to raise money for the Beatson (not just on behalf of my mum as there are a number from the group affected by cancer) and who have raised almost £500 so far.

Thank you everyone. My mum was overwhelmed by your kindness and we are too.

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