Friday, 15 January 2016

Pins I Love - Organising Your Crafts

Last week I posted images to some lovely craft spaces with links to the owners of those spaces (or to their blogs at least) in the hopes that it would inspire. This week I looked through my craft room board on pinterest and came across some tutorials and ideas on how you can have a similar space. As with last week none of these images are mine. However, to get to the owners page just click on the images.

This first one is one of my favourites and probably one of the most complex.  Ginger Snap Crafts shows you how to create this pin board which would look fab on the wall of any craft room. I have to be honest that I think this is probably beyond me but I still love it. As for Ginger Snap Crafts it's a fantastic blog with lots of fun craft tutorials including baking and stuff for kids.

This isn't really a tutorial. It doesn't take rocket science to get an empty jar and place your craft supplies in it. However, it is a good idea. I have seen jars decorated with crochet covers or painted with glass paints. So you can put more effort into it. I did it the lazy way and have some pretty coffee jars. The above image is from How to Nest for Less. The author is posting about her craft room so worth heading over to have a look. The website itself is more of a home decorating online magazine. While I won't be linking the page to my blog listing you can head over here.

This is another favourite and one that I can see myself doing. Fill a jar with buttons and then make a pin cushion for the top of the jar. This tutorial is by the Seasoned Homemaker and is actually easy to follow.  I personally don't think it's just a good idea to keep together some of your craft supplies. It would also make a great gift. I have seen similar elsewhere which also fills the jar with spools of thread rather than buttons. If you head over to the Seasoned Homemaker you will find lots of tutorials and ideas for stitchers and bakers.

I love this way of organising washi tape. My washi tapes are crammed into a tin which I have to rummage through when I'm picking one out. This was done by Crafting in the Rain. As much as I love it, it does take up a lot of space. I think you would have to use your tape on a daily basis to warrant this. Crafting in the Rain is fun blog. The author mainly posts about paper crafts but she has some DIY and cooking ideas in there too.

Lastly, this one isn't so much a tutorial. This is a link to someone else showing off their craft space. In this case a sewing room. Definitely head over and have a look as it's a lovely room. The reason I have used this image is that I love the idea of fabric scraps being collected like this. I know a lot of people who would probably just through out their scraps but it's amazing what you can make out of them. I have seen people using the tiniest scraps to make mini patchwork. That's just one way to use it. Maple and Magnolia is another blog dedicated to DIY and decorating.

This is an extra addition. I added this because it gives some tips on how to declutter your craft area. There are some common sense and good ideas in there. It may be especially handy if you are a hoarder like me. It might also be difficult. It encourages you to get rid of the things that you don't use. Sound advice though. This comes from blog Simple As That. The author of the blog has a few tips for organising but she's also a crafter.

As always I have linked most of these on my tutorial page and craft blog page. You may not want to try any of theses tutorials but maybe you will find a new blog to follow.

There are lots of ideas out there. For example organising your fabrics by colour onto shelving to make it easier to see. I have seen yarn organised the same way (much as you would see it in a yarn store). I have also seen baskets placed onto shelves and craft supplies kept within those and cutlery trays within drawers separating supplies. I imagine there are even more than that. If you have any of your own I would love to hear about it. Oh, and remember, if you would like to post a little bit about your own craft space I would love to do that here.

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