Monday, 18 January 2016


I had planned a post today that did not happen. I haven't been sleeping properly for the last few weeks. I think my body is rebelling against weeks of night shift. Now I am waking stupid early and am unable to get back to sleep. Last night was the first night in a long time that I slept right through and I was still tired. I've had a lot of coffee but I gave up on the idea of my planned post which would link in with this months theme. Instead I reluctantly did a food shop in preparation for four night shifts. Then I sat in front of the television with my colouring book with various breaks to read and make soup. The short of it is that post didn't happen.

I then went on Instagram, I am always on Instagram, and I came across someone posting the above image. It's a swap group. I assumed it was for independents who hand-dyed their own yarn. A way for them to share support and inspire each other. So I sent the link to my friend (you know who, Lisa) as I thought this would be right up her street. Turns out she had heard of it and she is all signed up. She also told me that it's not just for people with their own business.

Turns out she is right. This is one very large and well organised swap group for people who love fibre in general. You are matched up to two people. One who will send you a fibre package and one for you to send a package to. I couldn't let this opportunity go. I am so excited at the thought of researching a person (or something that sounds a little less stalkery) and picking out a yarn based on what I think they will like. I like the fact that it connects you with other people who love yarn too. I get a lot of inspiration from other people and so this is perfect. The example packages look fab and it's nice to see that knitters, crocheters, spinners and weavers are all encouraged to join in.

If you fancy it head over to FibreShare and you can sign up. There is a small charge which I was happy to pay considering the reasons for it. You also have to have an Instagram account (not a problem for the Instagram obsessed like myself). Even if you don't want to sign up check out their blog as they like to highlight talented fibre artists. That alone is worth a visit.

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