Monday, 4 January 2016

January WIP

January's WIP post will be a little larger than previous months. Usually I will only post the projects that I have spent time on that month. Which might seem like I'm kidding myself. That's part of it but also I didn't want to re-post the same images each month since there were no changes to the projects.

January is different. January will be a WIP only month as I mentioned in my first post of the year.  It's part of my getting organised theme. It seemed fitting that I used that as an opportunity to actually get organised. So here they all are in all their glory. Well, most of them. I am sure there are more squirrelled away and completely forgotten.

First up we have the Halligarth shawl which featured in August's WIP post. This is a shawl featured by Brooklyn Tweed and designed by Gudrun Johnston. When I first saw it I instantly fell in love with the pattern. I loved knitting it. So much so I didn't mind having to start over after not tracking the pattern. Despite that it hasn't been touched since that last post. However, I did track the pattern this time. I have spent a good part of today working on it. I have fallen in love again. I am now past the small size (9 repeats of the pattern) and I am going to finish on the large (12 repeats). I have plenty of the yarn so I might as well keep going (even if there are so many stitches it takes 5 minutes to knit 1 row).

This sock was also featured in August.  A pattern I spotted on pinterest by Kirsten Hall called, Far Into the Forest. I actually picked this up first thinking that it could be this months socks for operation sock drawer. I remember that I had finished at the start of the heel and I had kept a note of where I was. I had put it down because it would need more concentration than I could give it at the time. Sadly, when I read the heel in the pattern it made no sense to me whatsoever. I blame night shift brain. I'll need to read the pattern over a couple of times I think.

Yet another project that last showed up in August. It's the Lucidity Shawl by Beata Jezek. The yarn is a lace weight by my friend Lisa. Thankfully, I have tracked this one too so fingers crossed I will be able to ease back into it.

This is my favourite. My blanket for my new flat. I love the willow squares and I am loving the orange and teal together. I only have two more strips and then the border and this is finished. Not long at all. AND all the ends were stitched in as I went. I might have to pick this up after the Halligarth is finished. I actually started this in 2014 and I think it was this time last year that I last touched it. I stopped to work on a baby shower gift and never went back to it.

Thankfully this blanket has been changing. It was last shown in November. If you remember this was for my gran but is now going to be donated instead. Over Christmas I finished all of the cream squares and last week I moved onto the border. I'll talk more on all of that when it's finished. What I will say is that I was a little overzealous with my choice of border and joining. As a result it has used up all of the yarn and I am going to have to order more. Oops!

Another project from 2014. I don't think it has even featured here on the blog, although the crochet border has.  This is a camper van design from Cross stitcher. There is absolutely no reason, that I can think of, why I put it down. I've been in the mood to get some stitching done. This is definitely at the top of my list to finish. Especially since it already has a frame.

Another cross stitcher design. This clock I also started last year. I am sure it was put down because of the same baby shower project as my blanket. Like my blanket, this was also part of my project new home. At the time I liked the idea of making my own clock. I've still to get the hands for it and of course the frame.

There was another cross stitch pattern which featured here too. It's almost finished which is why I haven't posted an image. All it needs is a frame. This one is for my sister and I stitched it because it was both pretty and matched my sister's living room. I will get it framed this month and get an image of it posted.

Last but not least we have my hexies. Also featured in November but not touched since. Which is a shame because I really don't have many to go. I should get the cushion finished and give it to my sister along with her finished cross stitch.

So that's my plan for the month. I'm not unrealistic. I am very aware that I won't get it all finished. I'm going to make a good attempt though. Anyone else got a WIP list they want to share?

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