Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Camper Van Cross Stitch - with hoop backing tutorial.

I finished another WIP. I have been slow with these but at least I have another one finished.  The design is by Jane Prutton (same designer as the Folksy Fowl). It was in an issue of Cross Stitcher but sadly it doesn't tell me which issue it originated or which issue the booklet came free with. I can't imagine it would be too difficult to track down should you wish to stitch it yourself. As for the crochet frame. I did this as part of my bucket list from 2 years ago. It's been waiting that long to be used.

Although it may not look like it there actually wasn't much left to stitch in this. The bulk of the camper van had been done. Just the bunting, flowers and back stitch really. The back stitch is of course the irritating part but it's definitely not one of those designs that can go without it.

I also made a cover for the back of the hoop so that it hid the back of the design. I have seen a few tutorials on this when I first looked at using hoops as frames but I can't remember where. So instead I will just tell you what I did.  First of all you will need a hoop, card, fabric and a glue gun (oh and scissors). Use the inner hoop as a template. draw round the inside onto the card and then cut out.

Get your fabric and this time use your card as a template. Cut the fabric so that there is an inch to spare round the card. It would probably help if you iron your fabric first. Don't be lazy like me. Then use your glue gun to secure the fabric onto the card by folding the fabric round the card. Make sure it is nice and taught but not so much that you warp the card.

This is roughly how it should look when finished (ignore the pointed edge I managed to create on mine). 

I then trimmed the aida of the design I planned to frame. Not too much though. I secured the excess by using the glue gun and folding it down over the edges of the hoop (glue the hoop and not the design).

Lastly place your fabric covered card inside the hoop and thus the back of your stitching is now covered. Remember to ensure that the design of you fabric is right way up. I chose one where that didn't really matter but you can bet it is something I wouldn't think about at the time. I then attached some ribbon to the top of the hoop for hanging. You don't have to do that though as most hooks will hold it without the ribbon. I just like ribbon. Most tutorials I have seen use padding but I didn't feel that was necessary.

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