Friday, 1 January 2016

The Year Ahead - 2016

 Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2016 will be a good one for all of you. Remember to follow your dreams and hug your loved ones close. Oh, and I hope it's a craftastic year too. So here is my look at 2016.

 A few years ago I did a bucket list for the year ahead. I don't know if many of you remember it. I did actually manage to do one or two things from that list. Most of it still stands. There are still things there that I want to do. I'm not so much creating a bucket list this time but I thought I would share some plans with you.

First of I plan to kick start January with a whole theme of getting organised. Sounds boring I know but what else is January for? I also hope that it won't quite be as dull as it sounds. I'm using this as an opportunity to get out all those WIP's and actually get some projects finished. Along the way I hope to share some tips for other crafters. I also want other bloggers and crafters to share their experiences through showing off their craft space. Show me a crafter who doesn't like to ooh and ahh over something like that. The good news is that I already have one volunteer. I'm still looking for others though.

You will recognise this from the bucket list. Known as operation sock drawer. I'm back to that again.  Way back in 2011 I decided that I was going to knit myself a pair of socks each month. I never did finish that years challenge. So I am challenging myself to that again. I want a whole drawer of socks and not just a basket. Guess what? The first pair will be a WIP which fits in with January's theme.

The Next theme will be The Great British Sewing Bee. I think it's due to start mid February. I am going to do the same thing I did with Bake Off last year and review it once a week. While I won't be attempting to join in sew-a-long I might still dust off the old sewing machine. I have a knicker kit that I have still to try out.

Which brings me to the summer and Bake Off! I quite enjoyed reviewing the episodes on a weekly basis and I plan on doing that again. If all goes to plan I will be safely ensconced into my own wee flat by then. Which means I might even be able to take part in the bake a-long. No promises though.

The above image actually has two purposes and that is I hope to do some more book reviews. I am way behind on them and my Craft books page is looking a little sad in comparison to my other two pages. I plan to go through and reorganise my books this year and see which ones I have used and which ones I haven't.

These squares are for a blanket I am almost finished for my new bedroom in my new flat (when I get it). Which brings me to another project which will be ongoing. A lot of the crafts that I will be doing for myself over the next year or two will be to kit out my new home. Think I will call it Project New Home.

Lastly I have plans for next years Christmas posts. This is very much still a work in progress and I don't want to reveal too much yet. What I will say is that I hope that next years Christmas countdown will be more about makes and tutorials from myself rather than creating a list of those found on the net.

My plans are always evolving so I hope that there will be more of that this year. The last 6 months I have truly enjoyed my blog and I hope to make it a place that people can use for their own creativity.

No matter what you do I hope that 2016 is your best year. Life is too short so make sure you are working towards whatever makes you happy.

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