Friday, 8 January 2016

Pins I Love - Craft Rooms

 I thought I would bring back my Pins I Love posts, at least just for my getting organised theme. I am still as pinterest obsessed as ever and I love to share what inspires me. I have a whole board for craft rooms. I would love to have one of my own and maybe one day I will. For now I just need to look at others for inspiration. As with all of these posts none of the images are mine. Just click on the images and it well take you to the pages they belong to.

Beneath My Heart is a website about crafting your home (a theme that I plan myself for later). What I like about this post is that it shows people how to turn a closet (cupboard to us UK folks) into a mini craft space. Perfect for people like myself who have limited space in the first place. It's a cute little space and the key is organisation. Oh, and it's in my favourite colour. I've also saved this on my craft tutorial page if you are looking for it later. 

This next space is by blogger and quilter Messy Jesse. It's not a tutorial. The author of the blog has reorganised her craft space and is posting some images of what it looks like. It might not tell you exactly how to create your own craft space. What it can do though is inspire you or even give you some organisation ideas. Plus the images are pretty. On top of that it's another quilt blogger to follow and she even has some quilting tutorials to follow.

This next craft space is by Serena of Farm Chicks. This was done and showed for a magazine. The images aren't by the author. Nevertheless it's still a cute space. Definitely another space for the stitcher. However, I think you could adapt it to suit. This post again doesn't really show you how to create your craft space. It does give some tips on everyday things you can decorate and then use to organise your space. Farm Chicks itself is more like a homes online magazine. It has lots of things of interest, including quilting.

Another craft room which is a tiny bit too cutesy for me. It has aspects of it which I like and it is more rounded to be able to include crafts other than sewing. This one can be found on Design Dazzle which is very much a page for home decor. It doesn't tell you how to put together the whole room but it does have ideas on how to put together different aspects of the room such as the framed chalk board.

This last one doesn't actually belong to the author of the blog post. The blog is called Budget Decorator and well, it's about decor. Like me the author has brought together images of various rooms that they have found inspiring. Unlike me she has given her own tips on how to organise your craft space or create your own craft room. Very much worth a read.

I hope you enjoy and I hope this has given you some inspiration if you are planning your own space. I have a few guest blogs coming up from friends who will show you their own craft space. I'm very much looking forward to those. Plus, I have space for more guest bloggers. You can show how you organise your space or focus on one aspect of it or even post a tutorial. It's up to you and you can use that opportunity to promote your business or your won blog. I would even be happy to reciprocate. Just leave me a message here or on my facebook page.

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