Wednesday, 23 September 2015

If You Go To Yarndale....

This weeks Wednesday extra has three purposes. That's right, three whole reasons for blogging. First of all to show off something I have actually finished. I believe that I had mentioned that I was working on a secret project on Augusts WIP post. The second is to remind people that anyone going to Yarndale that if you would like to write about your experiences (be it as a shopper or seller) then I would love to host you here. If you have your own blog or crafty business it can be an extra voice for you. Lastly but not least it is once again to remind you that my talented friend Lisa of For the Love of Yarn will also be there this weekend.

A while back Lisa was looking for knitters for certain projects to highlight her yarn at Yarndale. One of the knitters she was looking for was a sock knitter. To be honest, at the time, I was a little uncertain. I had to think about it as I wasn't sure I was in the right frame of mind. I'm glad I changed my mind as Lisa was more than happy to have me as a volunteer and even said that I could chose any sock pattern I wanted (no pressure). In my yarn club box she sent me an extra skein of yarn and this was what she wanted me to knit with. I fell in love with it straight away. Let's face it, I am always excited to knit with Lisa's yarns. Particularly socks as I love seeing the how the colourway evolves. There is nothing new there. It doesn't matter that I don't keep it in the end. The pleasure of knitting with it is enough. 

I then had to pick out a pattern. I wanted one that would highlight the yarn itself without the striping of the colours drowning out the pattern. I wanted a lace type pattern but one I hadn't done before. I immediately went to a book I love but rarely knit from, Sock Innovation by Cookie a. I love the patterns in there. The one I decided to use is called Vilai. I was lucky enough that a variegated yarn had been used in one of the images in the book. It was a darker and tighter striping than the raspberry ripple sent to me so I thought there was no way it would be drowned out.

Thankfully, I think I was right. It had a lovely cable effect up the front. I love a cable. I have said that again and again and you can see it clearly here even though it hasn't been blocked and it's just lying flat on the table.

The sides of the sock had this lace, diamond lattice going down them. This was actually why I picked the pattern. I loved this effect and I have plans to knit this one again. It's a challenging knit and not recommended for beginners. But, I think the same is true for most of the patterns in this book. Thankfully my friend loved it as much as I did. So if you want to see these socks in person head over to Lisa at Yarndale. It proves that a variegated yarn can enhance a patterned knit if you find the right pattern.

And, if you want to be a guest blogger please, please get in touch. You can do that here or on my facebook page. Remember I will be living my Yarndale experience through you. Help a yarnaholic out. 

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