Friday, 4 September 2015

GBBO - Week 5

So this week was all about the other contestant trying to push Ian off his three week stint as star baker. I kid, it was mainly about free form. Now when I heard free form I assumed that it involved baking cakes free form. As in without tins. I assumed wrong. It meant substituting key ingredients for alternatives.

In the first the bakers had to bake a cake without using sugar. Many of them used alternatives such as syrup and honey. Most also added fruits to heighten the sweet taste (not pear or apples as they lack in flavour - so says Paul). That was the only stipulation. A few came up with extravagant creations. Such as Ugne which sadly didn't work out for her as her cake looked much like Dorret's gateaux from the first episode. Alvin chose a pineapple upside down cake (a favourite of mine). He was finished far ahead of everyone else. The others were still slaving away and making sure they got their decorating spot on. Now normally this would be a huge warning. And indeed Alvin felt rather anxious over that fact. For once though this played to the strength of the challenge as both Paul and Mary loved it. I however, was amused at Mel eating what she thought was edible flowers. Lesson learned.

Next up was the technical challenge. They had to make 12 pitta breads. I am almost positive this has been done before. The difference this time is that it had to be gluten free. Which made for one very wet dough. Many of the contestants struggled with this one. One who normally comes last didn't and Nadia finally came first in a technical challenge. As with all the other technical challenges, this one is part of the Bake Off along and you can find the recipe here.

My favourite this week was the Arctic Roll. It brings back fond childhood memories. Every now and then my sister and I will treat ourselves to some (we know how to go all out). The difference in these ones is that the ice cream could not be made with dairy. A fair few went with the tropical theme. Including Paul here. He should have one for the most amusing. Lots of innuendo's from Mel and Sue as he created the fondant sunbather.

This weeks winner though was Nadiya. Ian was finally knocked off from the top. And in fact he may have been in trouble until his showstopper saved him.  I think Nadiya finally deserved to get some recognition as I think she is one of the most creative of the contestants.

Sadly it meant we said goodbye to Ugne. She didn't do well this week at all and although she was proven right about her choices in flavours, the execution let her down. I have to be honest, I expected Ugne to be one of the most creative of the group. Instead she has been sitting at the lower end of the group since week one. Not for lack of trying on her part though.

As usual, all my images are courtesy of the BBC. Next week is pastries. One I always look forward to. Soggy bottoms all round.

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