Tuesday, 8 September 2015

September Stash

I promised a stash update and here it is. 75% of this stash is sock yarn related. Sorry. Well, I'm not really sorry because I love it. Also most of this stash was purchased in August but as this is September it feels a little odd to have a different month in the title.

Anyhoo, I also promised to show you what I bought in York. These were the two balls of sock yarn I picked up from Ramshambles. I liked the teal in the first one. I am sure I have used something similar in the past but the striping will be different. I have a feeling that this will knit up with some fair isle aspects to it. I plan to use a basic sock pattern for it just to see. The reds and pinks I also liked and so I ended up walking out the shop with two.  The yarn is by Mondial which I have never heard of before. Looking forward to trying it.

This scrummy yarn is from an Indie dyer called Eaden Yarns.  I spotted Eaden yarns on instagram when the founder was advertising their yarn club. The yarn looked so pretty that I went straight to the website to have a look. I then signed up for the August speckled yarn club. Like with my good friend you don't actually know what you are going to get until it arrives. That's part of the fun of the yarn club. I am not disappointed. It even came with tea which is fitting for that colourway (in my humble opinion). I think a delicate lace pattern is in order. I will definitely be ordering from Eaden yarns again.

Lets face it. I am never going to have a stash post without some from the good friend I mentioned earlier. I signed up for last months yarn club which involved a lovely tweed base. I also opted in for a semi solid to go with it. I have to say that these are not normally my colours. However, we have had such a horrible summer (with today being an exception) that these colours warm you up. I plan on an autumn project for this (aptly). It even came with some extra goodies but I think I will leave that for another post. Oh, and have I mentioned that my good friend is the lovely Lisa of For The Love Of Yarn?

Before that I also signed up for the sock gradient yarn club. I knew what I was going to do with this before I even received it and so requested two semi solid skeins to go with it. Look at that lush purple. I may be stash happy just now (making up for years as a poor student) but I justify it to myself by having a plan for it before ordering. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

One last thing before I go. If you are going to Yarndale at the end of the month, the lovely Lisa will also be there with her littlest helper. Say hello!

P.S The websites for everything I have mentioned is on my craft shopping page.

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