Sunday, 27 September 2015

GBBO - Week 8

I feel that extra slice should get a wee mention to start with. Only because this week it was hosted by Sarah Millican. I always find her very funny so I was excited that she was hosting. That and she is known for her love of cake so it seemed apt (I am with you there Sarah).

Back to Bake Off. It was my most favourite week. Patisserie Week. There is never anything on patisserie week that I don't like. Which is hard when you have just joined Slimming World. Ever feel the world hates you sometimes (I kid). First up was creamed horns. Very fiddly but the different flavours sounded amazing. I did feel sorry for Flora. The ideas she had made them sound amazing but sadly they just didn't quite work.

The Mokatines were this weeks technical challenge. Look how pretty they are? They sounded so yummy too. Normally I would think to avoid technical challenge. Label under 'too hard'. However, I think I would quite like to give this one a go. Mainly because I would happily eat it all. If you are taking part in the bake off challenge you can find the recipe here. Or better yet, just make it because you are like me and like cake.

The show stopper was a shuh tower. Got to love the shuh pastry. A little difficult to make pretty though so it was really all about stability and the flavours. Sadly Nadiya got the flavours wrong. Can't saw I would ever want any cake to be bubble gum flavour. Mary wasn't a fan either. Although it didn't stop her from being star baker.

This week we said goodbye to Paul the baker. A little too obsessed with banana which didn't quite turn out. I think it was a close call between him and Flora who also didn't have a very good week.

Just two weeks left folks. I still have no idea who will win. Any guesses.

As always I got these images from the BBC and they are not mine.

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