Thursday, 21 July 2016

Mum's Garden - July

Today I paid a visit home. I was picking up a few things and took the opportunity to take some photo's of the flowers. After planting them it feels a shame to have missed so much. For example, the hanging baskets have bloomed and are now starting to wilt. At least my dad has been enjoying it and has been sending the odd photo here and there. There are no shots of the whole garden. My dad has been working away and hasn't had time to cut the grass in a while. Looks like a wild garden (not quite that bad). These Dahlia's are looking good though and it looks as though there are some still to bloom. I planted three bulbs in total and they look good at the front of the house.

I also planted these at the front of the house but in a large pot. I can't for the life of me remember what they are called but they look like little cabbage roses which is why I picked them.

The Lillie's have been growing back each year and this year is no exception. I did plant pink ones at the front but they haven't made an appearance. Perhaps they will next year.

 These are black ball cornflowers. To be honest I'm not entirely sure I like them. At least not where I planted them. They are a little to dark next to the red acer.

The poppies are also out and I discovered where I actually planted them which was at the front and in the little wheel barrow. Sadly, they are loosing their blooms but I did happen to notice a few bees still enjoying them.

The white roses are also coming out. No sign of the yellow though.

The horstas are looking good too. This one is starting to shed already but the others are just starting to open their flowers.

These are Atirrhinum's. These were the little seedlings I had on the window ledge months ago. The Dahlia's which I also had on the window ledge are out too. Sadly the photo didn't turn out and I only noticed it when I get home. I'm afraid they will be gone by the time I get back to the house in a few weeks.

Despite the overgrown grass the garden is looking good. Just some weeding needing done and it won't be long until I start planning for next spring.

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