Friday, 25 March 2016

Just a Reminder

 So today I was supposed to be posting about my sister's second pair of Easter socks. This is a case of don't count your chickens because I am only half way through the second sock. Night shift, flat viewing and a little bit of frogging have all meant that I was a little optimistic with finish time. Instead I leave you with what was meant to be Monday's post. Which is a reminder.

I am reminding you of the yarn that I am giving away. The yarn that I bought twice through pure greed or absent mindedness. You can pick which. Either way I was left with a second skein of identical yarn which gave me the opportunity to give one away. It's a sock yarn called Elf Cup and is by Orange Jellyfish Dream. By the way, she is having a 1 year anniversary sale.

It's beautiful to knit with and this is what my skein looked like once I knitted it up. They have become one of my favourite pairs of socks simply because of that striking blue through the pale stone colour. The deadline is next Wednesday when I will be announcing the winner in the afternoon. In order to take part just leave a comment on my original giveaway post which you will find here. Good luck!

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