Friday, 4 March 2016

Fibreshare Friends - Sara's Texture Crafts

Mid January posted about a swap I was taking part in called Fibreshare. It was a way for spinners, dyers, knitters and people who just love yarns to share. I originally thought it was for those who dyed or spun their yarn only but happily I was wrong and signed up. We were all sent our partners a few weeks ago and I have been chatting to my two partners and getting ideas to send a good gift box. I sent to my partner yesterday and hopefully I will be able to show you what I sent next week.

Meanwhile, I arrived home on Wednesday to a fabulous parcel from Sara of Sara's Texture Crafts. Sara started life as a fashion and textile designer before falling in love with yarn. She has some lovely yarns in her shop (she's also a fellow sock knitter). I felt privileged to be sent a parcel from someone who knows her stuff. You can see from the image above that she spoiled me and clearly knows what I like.

First of all she sent me this gorgeous Rowan tweed yarn. It has an alpaca blend which sadly Sara is allergic to and so I get the benefits of that. I think this yarn may become this years winter woollies for my sister. It's a lovely shade of purple and I love working with tweed yarns.

This beautiful sock yarn is one of Sara's own. It's a colour block yarn all caked up and ready to use. I like the idea of striping it with a solid shade as Sara suggested. I will have to think about this. I have always admired patterns that stripe that way. I have a brioche cowl pattern that might be perfect for it.

This yarn is my favourite but sadly no matter where I took the photo the true colour didn't show. It's not purple. It's more of a greeny-blue. This yarn will most definitely be used for one of my monthly pairs of socks. I'll be using a pattern for it I think.

Lastly she also sent me a few extras. She sent me a fab colouring book which has lots of patterns that are just me (owls and leaves people). Can't wait to try it. She also sent me a hand cream that was made local to her. I love a hand cream and this smells yum. I love the fact that it was locally made too.

Thank you Sara, you spoiled me and I look forward to trying your yarns. This is what I love about the fibreshare. It's a way of sharing different talents. Head over to the fibreshare website if you want to learn more about it. They have a lovely yarny blog.

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