Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mum's Garden, Spring 2016

I've noticed a few signs around the garden that Spring is coming after all. I was remiss last autumn and didn't plant any of the spring bulbs that I had bought in and yet there are some flowers there. I know that I definitely did not plant any crocuses last year and I don't remember them being there before and yet there they are. The first colour in the garden this year.

The rest I am sure was me and I had given up all hope that they would grow. It must have been that they only needed a year to think about it. Weather permitting, my plan is to get into the garden over the next week or two and get it tidied. It's too late for spring flowers but not for the summer. Sadly I will be handing over the garden to my dad as I hope to move to a place with my own mini garden in the next few months. Maybe he will be more attentive than I was.

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