Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sister's Winter Woollies Part 3 - The Hat

It looks like my sister will get her winter woollies this year after all. I have finished the hat and I am now half way through the left hand of a pair of fingerless gloves. You will recognise this hat as I have knitted this not just once but twice.  Yes, once again I have knitted The Woods by Po Lena. This time using green which kind of fits with the name of the pattern. Also this time, it's not for me. Which explains the one huge difference. This one has a pom pom.

My sister tried to convince me to add a pom pom to mine so it seemed only right that I put one on hers, since she likes them so much. Me, I think it looks better without but then I won't be the one wearing it. I did initially pose with the hat but it didn't look so good on me. Looks better modelled by the banister. With the cables in the pattern it matches the socks I finished last week. Only the cowl will be cableless but I'm sure my sister will cope with that. It's getting to the stage where I know this pattern off by heart. Will be looking out a new pattern for next year.

Oh, and on the plus side of the pom pom, it did allow me to try out a pom pom maker. Which was very easy to use and lots of fun. If you were a pom pom fan then you could make a lot of them very quickly with one of those.

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