Monday, 21 December 2015

Dad's Christmas Socks 2015

My dad's Christmas socks are finished. I am actually organised for once. I thought for sure that I wouldn't get them done. It helps though when you decide to just use a basic pattern. After my dad's insistence that they not be feminine I decided against a pattern. He wasn't deserving (I don't hold grudges). Actually, I quite like the way they turned out even though it's a solid yarn colour done in the basic pattern.

I am truly gutted that I didn't take a photo of the yarn on it's own before I started knitting with it. I obviously thought I had and the yarn was definitely deserving of a solo selfie. It's one of the yarns I picked up from Knit Picks. It has a merino mix base. Now anyone who has knitted with merino yarn will tell you how lovely it is to knit with. It's super soft and knits up beautifully. Doesn't matter that it's for big foot as you don't mind that the knitting seems to go on forever. You want it to go on forever.

Plus look at the colours! Different shades of purples and blue. A lovely yarn and I would happily knit with it again. I'm a little jealous that this is for my dad. Not to worry I have my own Christmas socks which I also managed to get finished and you'll see them in my next post.


  1. These are looking lush Karen! I usually stick with plain socks these days, and let the lovely yarn speak for itself! Have a great Christmas and New Year! Ginnie

  2. These are looking great Karen I am sure your Dad will love them. I usually always knit plain socks now and let the beauty of the yarn shine through! Have a great Christmas break. Ginnie

    1. Thank you. I'm sure he will (he had better, ha ha). I am usually like that with Lisa's yarns. So much colour that I don't want a pattern to drown it out. I'm a sucker for a pattern though. I'll be posting a wee bit about that this week. Do you still go after the unusual yarns? The one made with crab shell I still remember very well. And was there another made with saphire (am I imagining that one)? Hope you have a fab Christmas too. xx

    2. Still trying out new stuff, maize, crab shell, milk (yes, really), silk, cotton, linen all sorts of stuff. Running out of people to give socks to, though! Still seeking the perfect long sock pattern -- any suggestions?

    3. I miss your sock yarn chat. Why don't you do operation sock drawer? That way you get to keep a lot of your socks. That's one of my plans for next year. I've never managed the perfect long sock. I think I only did one pair years ago for my sister and I don't remember her wearing them more than once. If I come across one though I will let you know.