Monday, 28 December 2015

Plans For January with Guest Blogger Request

Apologies for the less than exciting imagery for this. Adding text to images is not one of my strong points. Just couldn't get the letters to stand out hence the boring black and duller font.

It gets the point across though. January's theme is going to be all about getting organised. Mainly because I could be using it myself. Through out January I am going to be working on my WIP, I plan on a few post with tips on organising tools and I have a few other ideas simmering away. One thing I would like to include is a few guest posts by people who have their own craft space. As someone who doesn't have that I always look on enviously at the images others post. I think that others might enjoy seeing how people organise their space. It could be about your craft space in general or the different ways that you use your space to keep organised.

If you are interested please leave a message here or PM me on my facebook page.

I have a few other things planned for 2016 and hope to post more on that soon.

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