Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas Countdown Week 7 - Christmas Decorations

This week I thought I would look at some handmade Christmas decorations. I love a good handmade decoration and we would get one from my mum every year. It was hard to find decorations which weren't just for the tree. I hope I have found a good selection though.

This first one I thought was cute. I love a simple cross stitch design. It also combines it with something else I like which is hoop frames. Sadly this isn't a tutorial but you can buy the pattern from the designer Sewing Seed on her etsy page.  I am all for supporting independent crafters and designers and this one has some lovely patterns in her shop.

This next pattern is one of my favourites. I have seen these crochet baubles around for a while now and I have always meant to try them. The pattern is by Patchwork Heart who also happens to be one of my favourite people to follow on Instagram.  She is always making lovely things with her crochet and they are so beautiful to see. She also has a blog which I have followed for a while now.

I have seen a few of these clear baubles around too. It has become a popular thing in craft shops over the last few years. All you need to do is unscrew the top and fill it with whatever you want (ensuring that it isn't too heavy). This one is by Downtime Upcycle and I liked it because the blogger did this as part of a Christmas decoration exchange organised by her grandmother.  The blogger hasn't posted in over a year so I have only linked the tutorial to my Craft Tutorial page.

I love this idea. Mainly because it involves bells. This is actually simple to make as shown by Kerri Bradford Studio.  The tutorial doesn't go completely in depth but I am sure most people will be able to follow it. I think you could easily play around with this idea to come up with your own creation. I have actually seen a similar version on pinterest which uses mini baubles rather than bells. This lady is primarily a scrapbooker and has a whole host of tutorials and ideas on her blog.

Okay, I am cheating a little bit here. This last one is very similar to last weeks clay garland. However, I really love this idea and there are a few tutorials out there. This one is by Gathering Beauty and she uses air drying clay which I have never used before.  Interestingly one of the stamps she uses to emboss the clay was a knitted hat. Which means you don't have to go out and by the stamps to emboss your decorations. You could also play with various shapes and cutters. I'm thinking gingerbread men. As for the author of this one, Gathering Beauty is a blog worth checking out. She has lots of different craft ideas. Particularly for Christmas.

Normally I would leave my list at five. However, I had to have a knitted item on here in honour of my wee mum. Who would knit us something Christmassy every year without fail. So here is a little owl that I am sure I would have managed to talk her into knitting for me. This is a pattern found on ravelry which you can download for free so long as you are a member (worth signing up to). The pattern is by Knit a Zoo who suggest putting him on your tree. I probably would want him more out on display. Like with all of these links you could change the colours to suit yourself. You could even go bright.

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