Wednesday, 28 October 2015

One Snuggly Cowl

So I finished my cowl. I started it one day before my night shift and then finished it while over at my sister's. This is something that I could easily have done in a day because it's just so addictive.

 Just a wee reminder of what it looked like when it first arrived. Two skeins of yarn and a lovely sparkly hook to work with (I am fair collecting them). All from the lovely Lisa of For the Love of Yarn. In my favourite colour too.

It's a simple pattern. I mean if I can do it then anyone can. Simple but effective. I love it and yes, I plan to do another one but for my sister. This close up shows just how lovely this yarn is. It's the donegal base in DK. I have a thing for tweed yarn just now.

I could have added the second skein of yarn to the cowl and made it a lot longer. I normally prefer scarves long but I decided that I wanted to save the second skein for a hat, which you may be well aware I have already made a start on. I love how the colour changes look throughout and I can't wait to see the same thing in the hat.

Use this as a lesson to be learned. Don't wear blue when trying to show something else that's blue. Hard when it's your go to colour.

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