Monday, 19 October 2015

October Stash

I am sure there will come a month where I don't buy anything...maybe. So don't be expecting this every month. This time I decided to add some fabric into the mix. Mainly because I bought fabric that didn't come from hobbycraft. I have picked up fabric in other places before but I wasn't very careful in noting where I got it or what it was. These fabrics usually have a purpose in mind even if that purpose still hasn't come to fruition. This fabric though I happened to spy on instagram. Mandors were showing some of their liberty fabrics which they happen to sell on etsy. Now I could have went into town and had a look myself but given the shifts that I have had this week that wasn't going to happen.

As I said both fabrics are Liberty fabrics. They are known for their bright florals. I have been very tempted in the past to buy shoes with Liberty fabrics (this still might happen). I picked up the red and the blue as I thought I would more likely use them. My favourite though is the blue although it's darker than I would have liked. That still wouldn't have stopped me from buying it.

 This fabric is from Hobbycraft. I was going in to get a few tools I needed for my hexies when I spotted this. My sister loves her skulls and she likes black. Her entire wardrobe is pretty much black. However, she also loves pink and accessorises with it. Her bedroom is also pink and so I thought this fabric would be perfect for her. I have made umpteen things for her living room but only one crochet blanket for her bedroom. I think some hexie cushions are on the cards (providing the first ones turn out).

My good friend Lisa has been on top form this month with all of her kits. I should just hand over my monthly wage to her. So far I have ordered the Christmas stockings, the Christmas yarn box, the sock kit and this which is the cowl kit. We were given options as to the yarn base. I chose the donegal base because I liked working with it so much. This came in my favourite colour - blue. I will be making this one for myself. I chose the larger kit and I think I will be making myself a matching hat if I don't use it all in the cowl.

I bought this last month and you saw the hat that I made with one ball. This is the rest which I finally have planned out. In fact I have started to use it up. For that though you will have to wait and see. It's a lovely yarn to work with. Nice and soft plus I am really loving the tweed yarn just now. Normally I wouldn't go for the beige but this was originally meant to finish a lap blanket. I actually like the colour as it seems to change in different light settings.

I can't promise there will be no stash next month but I will do my best. It is coming up for Christmas after all.

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