Monday, 26 October 2015

October WIP

How has the time flown so fast? Feels like I only just posted Septembers WIP. Yet here we are. I am pleased to say that October also consisted of a few finishes. However, this is about what I am working on. I started a second acer which I am making to go with my hat. This is instead of the cable scarf. Gave up finding one that I liked. It's a little coarser than my first acer and definitely thicker but I think it will be cosy. Going to need it as I am freezing already.

After washing my fabric, which was where we were at with my last WIP post, I made a start on my hexies. I have maybe 20 more to go before I have enough for the cushion for my sister. If that works out I have plenty of fabric to make a matching cushion. These are addictive and I hope to have them all finished soon.

So I started the cowl from the cowl kit I bought from Lisa. And then I finished it. I asked for two skeins of yarn in the kit and so I have started a hat to match the cowl. I originally planned to look out a pattern for a slouchy hat but being lazy I just used the same pattern that I did for my last hat. I'm using bigger needles so that the hat will be less fitted.

Lastly I am still working on this months yarn blanket squares. I have about half of the last skein finished. Shouldn't take me too long to finish.

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