Friday, 2 October 2015

GBBO - Week 9

The semi finals were this week. I can't believe how fast the time has gone in. It's that time of year again where I nag at my friend to sign up for next year (you know who you are). The link to sign up is here.  As for this weeks episode, I have to say it was fairly exciting. I found myself clapping my hands and even got a wee bit teary. Okay, so I have had an emotional week and that's my excuse for getting emotional over cake.

Not to mention that it was chocolate week. Chocolate! I LOVE chocolate and my mum who was a bigger fan of chocolate cake even than me would have loved this week. The first challenge was to make a chocolate tart. That involved a pastry base with a chocolate filling with other flavours. Our Nadiya picked peanut butter which resulted in her first Paul Hollywood handshake (and had me clapping for her because she was so overcome by it). It was completely unexpected since Paul's first comment was that the pastry looked too thick. Me, I thought it all looked delicious.

The technical challenge was a little but different. They had to make a chocolate souffle. Since this should be eaten straight from the oven each of the bakers had to start at different times. Mel and Sue then brought the dishes to the judges while their back was to the contestants. Poor Flora was up first and I felt her pain. It must have been a bit off putting. Ian also struggled as he couldn't remember how to make any of the components. Flora, however, overcame her nerves and came first. I think that may have been her first win at a technical challenge. If you fancy challenging yourself or are taking part in the Bake Off challenge yourself you can get the recipe here.

The show stopper was to be a table centre piece with the theme being chocolate. Nadiya's was by far the more impressive. She made this gorgeous chocolate peacock sculpture with biscuit eggs in a chocolate nest. You wouldn't want to eat this as it is by far too pretty to take apart. Although Nadiya came last in the technical challenge between this and her chocolate tart she was once again star baker. I don't think she expected it as she assumed it was over for her after the technical.

Oh, and before I move on, these chocolate stars were a little extra recipe on the Bake Off site.

Sadly we said goodbye to Flora. Although she came first in the technical she once again put design before taste. Her chocolate tart and her merrigoround looked impressive but didn't match up to it in flavour. If I am honest I don't actually agree with her going home and feel that it should have been Ian who didn't do very well in any of the challenges. Such a shame. I would have liked to have seen Flora in the final.

And as if you haven't guessed I am split between Tamal and Nadiya for winner. I don't think Ian is up to it. I think he has done fairly poorly the last few weeks. Nadiya has done brilliantly but Tamal is her competition when it comes to flavours. He's just not quite there with design. He might pull it out the bag though.

As always none of these images are mine but belong to the BBC.  However, I am going to leave you with one image that is mine.

Since I joined slimming world I have been unable to have cake while watching Bake Off. So this was my snack. Homemade humus with carrot sticks. No where near the same as chocolate cake. Feel sorry for me.

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