Friday, 9 October 2015

GBBO - Week 10 The Final

My last GBBO post. Well, until next year. I was actually off and so able to see this one which is good because facebook or twitter or even the papers would have spoiled it for me. I did feel that Ian was maybe the only one not deserving to be in the final. He always comes across as being a little blase about the whole thing. He states that everything is easy until it comes to actually doing it. And then on Wednesday night there were a few tears from Ian which made me feel bad for not being a fan of his.

The show started off with one of Paul's favourites and one of mine. Iced buns. Who doesn't love an iced bun (only strange folk that's who). Poor Nadiya was doubted at first for having the audacity to make one set of her buns round. What's wrong with a round bun? I've had many a round bun and they taste just as nice as the fingers. Paul certainly ate his words when Nadiya nailed it. She was the only one who managed to get the flavours right AND make them look pretty. They also made me look at my low fat yogurt in disdain.

For the technical challenge the finalists had to make Mille-feuille. Wouldn't have known them by name but they look familiar. Paul was being deliberately cruel on this one. All three of the finalists had done poorly with various pastries and so he deliberately chose a challenge that involved, well, pastry. They looked so yummy too. Nadiya was the only one who nailed it as her pastry was spot on. Sadly the recipe for this hasn't been posted on the GBBO website. I am guessing the Bake off challenge ended with last weeks then? Did anyone take part? Fingers crossed I get to do that next year.

For the show stopper challenge the contestant had to make a classic British cake. The twist was that there had to be more than one tier and all of the cakes had to be the exact same consistency. Ian chose a carrot cake (which is one of my favourites). I feel that he should get a shout out because he had to start again and still managed five perfect carrot cakes. I have to be honest that I didn't get that the decoration on each cake made one large carrot until Paul pointed it out. Oops! I think kudos has to go to Tamal. He made a caramel sticky toffee cake. The decoration on it was amazing and I wish that there was a decent image of it. He went made with the spun sugar with elaborate decorations on all three. The three were then connected with a large spun sugar web. It was pretty amazing to see. My heart went out to Nadiya who basically made her dream wedding cake. It did look beautiful.

By the end it came as no surprise to me that Nadiya was announced the winner. This was her weekend. Unlike the others absolutely nothing went wrong for her. She deserved it and I loved her speech afterwards. Clearly someone who has always doubted her own abilities has just had it proven to her that she can do anything. I look forward to seeing what she does in the future. Hopefully bring out a book like most of last years contestants.

I think Mary Berry should get a mention here as she almost shed some tears when talking about Nadiya as the winner. Nice to see the judges getting emotional over cake for a change. Gives the poor contestants a rest.

I of course had to purchase the Bake Off book that went with the series. I actually bought this before it aired. So it's been sitting on my shelf unopened as I didn't want to spoil it for myself. I don't just love seeing how the bakers do each week but I also like to see what they have been told to bake. Better as a surprise. Sadly, it doesn't contain anything from the final so you will have to go elsewhere for those recipes but it has everything else and some extras. I won't do a proper review of it until I actually make something.

And for the last time all images apart from the last are not mine. You can get them and more information on the GBBO website.

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