Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Acer Shawl CAL

Just over a week ago my friend invited me to join a Crochet along page on facebook called Love Crochet CALs. It's a page set up by Love Crochet which does exactly what it says on the tin. It involes crochet alongs organised by the Love Crochet website. The current one is an Acer shawl designed by Joanne Scarce. The actual event was to start last Wednesday and the designer would be available to answer questions. As I was on night shift I thought that meant I couldn't take part and so I bowed out. Only then to discover lots of people would miss it and were taking part anyway.

No encouragement needed. I looked out some yarn. Bought the pattern and got started before I began my shift. Less than one week later my stash is 100g of sock yarn lighter and I have an acer shawl. My first ever crochet shawl.

I first attempted the shawl with yarn that I had bought from Lisa. It was the first sock gradient kit. I found that it was too crinkly for me to use of a pattern that I barely understood. Going back to the drawing board I had another yarn which I had in mind but couldn't find (I know it's there somewhere) and then found this. I am sure my friend Helen gave this too me after describing it as hideous. I've earned a fair few balls of sock yarn from her this way. I have lost the band so I must have started using it at some point and then changed my mind. So I have no idea what it is but I thought it would be perfect for this project.

I had two more false starts with the pattern. I still see myself as a novice when it comes to crochet and especially to reading crochet patterns. I eventually had to slow myself down and tell myself to ignore my instinct of it feeling wrong and just follow the pattern.

I'm glad I did because the next day before leaving for another night shift this had happened. I was addicted and in love with the pattern. I loved the striping of the yarn and the colours, in my humble opinion, suit the autumn season.

On my day off I had planned to finish knitting a pair of socks that I were just about done but know. I finished the acer. This is it before pinning. The pattern is just as nice without and I am of the philosophy of getting out of pinning if you can (I am a lazy crafter). However, I felt it was too small without it. If I had more of the yarn I would have kept going and made it bigger. On the plus side you can really see the pattern after a day of pinning it out. Just scroll back to the top and you will see what it is like after.

So on my next day off I went back to those socks.....after starting another acer.

I have placed The Love Crochet website under craft blogs. They do sell patterns and they link to various sites that sell their wares but it is mainly a group site for those who, well, Love Crochet. I have also linked the designer, Joanne Scarce, blog there. It's called The Crochet Project and Not So Granny.

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