Monday, 12 October 2015

Blanket Club Month 9

This months blanket club box arrived from Lisa of For the Love of Yarn. Of course I was still half way through one skein of yarn in the previous month. Oops! I absolutely love the coral. It's a lovely colour and follows on nicely from last month yellow (for those who are joining as they go). It actually reminds me of a pair of socks I knitted once, for my gran I think. Same colour but this yarn is much softer. It also has little splashes of red here and there which I love.

The little extras this month was this lovely ribbon. I love ribbon. Have a box full of it as I used to buy ribbon whenever I saw it on sale. These will be lovely additions, or maybe I should actually use it. I especially love the lace and think it would make a lovely addition to some ankle socks. I think I even have a pattern that involves stitching some ribbon to the cuff.

I didn't cheat. I finished off the yellow squares before I even started this months. This months square involved a new stitch which I had never heard of let alone done before. Thankfully Lisa kindly provided a link to a youtube video which showed how to do it. Being too lazy to type it all in I just typed the stitch into the search engine and used this video which was handy. Although frustrating. Too long spent working up to the stitch while I'm shouting at the screen to just hurry up and show me how to do it. It worked though and if you want to learn it go ahead and view it. You will also find it linked on my new page titled craft tutorial links.

With this square I had to leave out a round so that it would be the same size as all the others. It's the way I crochet. The logical step would be to leave out the last round but that made it too small. Someone else had the same problem and they mentioned that they had left out the third round rather than the last. It made no sense to me. I tried it though and sure enough it worked. I have almost finished the squares for my mum's blanket and won't be long in moving on to mine. Loving this new stitch.

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