Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pins I Love - Travel Journals

At the moment I am obsessed with the idea of going travelling. Possibly because I am nearing the end of my course and once I start working I will actually be able to think about holidays.  Also because friends are planning theirs and it's been a good few years since I have been anywhere. To really tease myself I have been reading travel books (well I've read two in the last few weeks). And if that wasn't enough I have been pinning away to my travel journal board. So it seemed apt that this weeks Pinterest post should be from that board.

I've got a little mix here. The first few are the kind of journal I would LOVE to do but I am resigned to the fact that I will never be able to do it. Despite what my sister says I can't draw. It doesn't stop me from buying a moleskin book every now and then and some pens then giving up on it.

Anyway, moving away from me. This first one is by someone called Kolby (at lease that's the name on his flickr account. He is clearly an avid traveller and photographer. His albums are truly something to marvel over. He clearly loves nature and it shows in both his photography and his travel journal. The image above will take you directly to the above journal. However, do go check out the rest of his albums and his blog The Hike Guy.

I have to say that I don't normally like to link to flickr. I tend to avoid posting about pins that do here. That's generally because I prefer to link to tutorials but it's a little more difficult to do that with travel journals. Hence me breaking from the norm here.

This next one is by Michela. Michela's albums are all travel journals dedicated to one city. Since I can only read English I obviously get nothing from the text. Who cares though because you don't need it with the beautiful sketches. I love the detail in them. All of the pages are like this. A good mix of sketching and handwriting. Definitely a journal to be admired.  She has a blog too.

This third one is just as detailed in the sketches as the second. However, they are definitely more visual. Most have very little text or none at all. They are by someone called Ales Motyl and all of his albums (again on flickr) are dedicated to his art. This person is an artist and illustrator and has his own website dedicated to his work.

Starting to move away from the artist travel journals and more towards the scrapbooking kind. I can do scrapbooking. This time this is from the blog of Dispatch from LA. If you visit the blog you will see that this person does sketch, paint and is a photographer too. She has a whole host of journals which you can check out there. The travel journal here seems to be a mix of scrapbooking and sketching while being heavy on the writing. For someone like myself this is almost perfect as I would be able to write down my memories with some mementos.

Last but not least a travel journal I think that I could do. What I like about this one is that it is such a handy size. You could fit it in your pocket or back as you travel around. Of course the size limits you a bit but I still like it. This is by blog Vol 25. This person also blogs about her art and photography. However, this little journal appealed to me because you didn't need the ability to draw. If you click on the link on the image it will take you to the page which shows how this little journal was made.

So there you go. If you are interested I actually have made no travelling plans as yet as I have other priorities. I have a money pot to start saving and a dream of getting a campervan and driving round Europe. I know that's a pipe dream for several reasons;

a. I have to start working as soon as I finish and who would employ someone that's about to jaunt round Europe.
b. I have no campervan not am I likely to as they aren't being made any more
c. I can't drive.
d. I have no sense of direction and would likely be lost forever.

Until then I will continue to tease myself with books and pinterest. I'm good to myself like that.

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