Sunday, 11 May 2014

Last Guilt Free Lazy Day.

This is my officially the last day I can be lazy without any sort of guilt creeping in for the next three months. I would be lying if I said that I hadn't been lazy for the last two weeks. Since I have a hard slog ahead between now and (hopefully) qualifying as a registered nurse I'm not going to feel bad about it. This afternoon I lazily drank some green tea and flicked through some magazine my mum's friend passed on. I enjoyed the peace and quiet although didn't get much inspiration from the mags.

I haven't been too lazy craft wise although I have no finishes to show for it. I ordered some more yarn for the second baby shower project. I am waiting on it to arrive. I had to order it as hobbycraft no longer stock it. They do however, stock a new range. The Women's Institute have brought out their own yarns which seem to be exclusive to Hobbycraft. On the plus side they are made here in the UK. I confess I have a fascination with the WI. They have a reputation for being filled with crafty women so of course it appeals to me. Not that I have read that much into it. It has been a distant fascination. Anyway, the yarn is a good price and there are quite a few varieties. I picked up a couple of the 4ply to put away for Christmas socks.

I realise that Christmas is still a long way in the future and should not even be mentioned. As this pair of socks is for my Gran's Christmas and they are taking me forever it's better to be prepared. Having said that I am loving knitting these. It doesn't look to tidy there but I have tried it on and it looks perfect (for a colour work beginner). The answer would seem to be blocking.

As a result I am having second sock syndrome with my Gran's birthday socks. I am convinced that they hate me. The pattern is boring and it's not really looking much like the photo in the book (until you put your hand in and then it has a mild resemblance). Everyone else seems to love them though. I took them to the knitting group and they were much admired. The fact that I was muttering over the ridiculous instruction on dividing stitches for the heel was ignored. I can say the first sock is done and the cuff of the second has been started. These are meant to be my knitting group project and already I am thinking of what I can take with me instead.

At home it's still project baby shower. I am pleased to say that one is almost completed and the other started. I need yarn reinforcements (hopefully this week) to get on with it. It's quite a nice project to work on despite all the ends that needed threading. The above to 2.5 episodes of Star Trek and 1.5 glasses of wine. And that's all you are getting out of me until it's handed over.

I did also spot some washi tape reduced in price which I couldn't walk away from. I need to get back to my filofax. It's feeling a little unloved the last few months. Oh, and giant paperclips. Can't say no to a giant paperclip.

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