Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pins I Love - Buttons!


I was actually going to start by asking who doesn't love a button. Then I remembered that fear of buttons is an actual thing. So apologies if this post is rendering you catatonic. I on the other hand LOVE buttons. I have a box full of them and I will pick up buttons even if I don't need them. I have very fond memories of scouring through my mum's button tin when I was little. My sister and I would pick out our favourites while my mum was probably gritting her teeth at the noise we were making.

Long gone are the days where a button has a purely functional use. It can make a garment pretty or it can be made to accessories. The above image is what I am talking about. This button necklace was cleverly crafted by a craftster user (Macgirl-K). I tried to see if she had a website. She does but it's about her photography rather than her crafting. So if you want to see more about this necklace just click on the image.


There are different ways of using buttons to create a cute bracelet. Myself, my sister and my friend Clare have all went through phases of making them. My sister has probably been the most versatile whereas Clare and I strung them onto elastic. I actually still have some. Anyway, this one above takes a little bit more skill than my method. Plus it will clink as you walk. I love a clinky bracelet. This one was created by etsy seller Mrs Gibson. While this particular colourway is not longer for sale she has quite a few others for you to look at.

I think these flip flops should win a prize for being the most unique in button use. I have to confess that I am not a flip flop wearer. I hate anything between my toes. I also probably wouldn't choose black but I still think they are fab. I could actually see my sister wearing these. Unlike me she is a flip flop fiend. The tutorial (linked to the image) has you stitching the buttons onto ribbon and then attaching this to the flip flop. I bet though that a glue gun would secure them nicely.


I have also seen them used to make cards or wall art. Another friend of mine won a jar of buttons at our knitting group. She made some fab cards with them. This person (Jodi Wiley) has used them to make tree wall art. I love the different looks of each of them. The link above takes you to a blog post she created detailing how she got started on this. However, she has also created a tutorial on how you can do this for yourself.


 This is something else I have done. I created a button letter for my sister. I did get the idea from pinterest so can't take creative credit. What I didn't do was use a canvas like this. It would have made life so much easier. I hand stitched each of the buttons onto some cross stitch fabric and then framed it. This one was done by etsy seller Letter Perfect Designs. She has quite a few for sale and she takes custom orders. If I was to do this again I think I would use a canvas rather than hand stitch them all on. I do like the bright colours in this one (as well as the letter K of course).

This is from pinterest but no website. I thought I would show this off as this was actually made by my friend (Norma of the Wee Crafty House). She took the sensible rout and used a glue gun. She placed them on those letters you get from craft shops that are meant for decoupatch. I think I might actually like this better than the canvas and can see myself creating these for my own wee crafty space (when I get it). Norma has made these specifically for craft fairs.

If anyone has any other button ideas I would love to see them. I am a button glutton. I have a board on my pinterest page dedicated solely to buttony goodness and these images show only a small fraction of what buttons can be used for.

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