Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Pins I Love - Baby Makes

Before I start I should point out that I am feeling in no way maternal. Nor is this a hint. I chose baby makes this week because I the secret projects I have been working on are for two friends who are expecting. It felt apt to be putting forward some ideas for anyone who has expecting friends. I should also point out that my secret projects are not hidden in this list. So I am spoiling nothing. I could actually have had a post containing nothing but baby knits my mum has done. She is constantly knitting baby things for people in her work. Every time she says that she is going to say no and knit something for herself she caves. This has been going on for over a year now and this time she is adamant.

Anyway, I digress and posting pics of my mums knits would defeat the purpose of my pinterest post. Plus all of these patterns are free (mostly from ravelry). The first one I picked for its stripes. I love stripes. I also can't knit cardigans or jumpers which makes me appreciate this sort of thing all the more. I personally wouldn't knit the leggings but that's just me. It is a pattern by Hanne Pjedsted and can be found on ravelry. As always just click on the image to get the link.

I love this little jacket. It looks so elven and appeals to my not so inner geek. I just thin this would look fab on any baby. Boy or Girl. I also love the cables. Like a stripe I am a sucker for a cable. This is a pattern by Jujube & Lolo and can be found on their blog. Sadly this blog hasn't been updated in a few years (as is the way with blogs). I have linked the blog too though in case you are interested.

Another cardigan and this one a relatively simple design. It has a spring like theme to it which is why I like it. It's the little buttons which set it off. I also like the plain knitting. It highlight that simple can be a good thing. This is another free pattern found on a blog. This one is called Anacapa Knits. This one is still up and running.

 Baby Converse! Much cheaper to crochet this than to buy them. Especially since babies outgrow everything so quickly! Another advantage is that these can be made to match any outfit. You have unlimited colour options. I have actually knitted something similar. I got the pattern from a knitting magazine and made them for a few baby showers. It doesn't have the little logo but it is very converse like (in my humble opinion). This is a free ravelry download.

Lastly a blanket. I usually always knit baby blankets. It's safer that way. I will get it finished and I don't need to worry about it fitting. This one is of course crochet. It's also reversible which is the appeal to me. I am not entirely sure about that green but you could do almost any colour combination. This is another ravelry download. I have a feeling that it will use US terms but it would be easy enough to get that translated.

So with that in mind here are some of my tips for making things for new mums or for baby showers.

1. Don't make the first size. Not if you want the baby to get use out of it.

2. Find out if mum is wanting to know the sex of the baby and is willing to pass it on. Most of the items I've picked out are gender neutral. These patterns are sometimes hard to come by mind you. If you know what the baby will be it makes it a little easier to personalise your gifts.

3. Find out what colours the parents like. Believe it or not there are some people out there who do not like baby colours. I am one of them. A friend of mine who has had a few babies also isn't a huge fan. Primary colours are good as are unusual combinations.

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