Friday, 8 November 2013

Storyland Cross Stitch by What Delilah Did - Book Review

I am an avid reader and LOVE a fairy tale. I go through phases of reading certain genres and at one point I was obsessed with books that put a new spin on fairy tales. Which is why when I saw this bandied about on instagram (instagram has a lot to answer for) I knew I needed this book. Although to be honest I was sold on it from the rave reviews from other stitchers.

It's a lovely book. Although it's a paperback it has a dust jacket so you can take that off when you are working on projects. The projects inside are all inspired by fairy tales and stories. It also has a rarity for craft books and that's a wee kit for you to make one of the smaller projects.

Since I do love frogs (all goes back to my love of Muppet's) I had to stitch the frog prince. I managed to do this in a couple of days between other things. This was my first time using a hoop to frame a project. I'll not show you the back because my first attempt at this wasn't the neatest. However, I do like the effect and I had a lot of fun using the glue gun.

The projects go from novice to expert and there are both small and large. These cute buttons are among the small. As much as I love buttons I have never really been that bothered with making my own. I might have to try my hand at these though as I love the delicate feel to them as well as the natural colours.

There are a number of cushions in there and this is one of them. I quite like it. Not sure if I will make it though.

I will put this on my to do list. I do like a crown. This project is among the more difficult. Which is not that difficult as it only uses the one colour much like most of the projects in the book.

These hoop framed projects are my favourite though. Which is why I chose the frog prince for the fabric and thread that came with the book. I think that once all of my Christmas projects are done and I can relax for a minute with uni I will stitch the leaves. Although I also want to stitch that tree.

As I said it's a lovely book. The tones are all very natural as you can see from the images. The photographs in the book are lovely and it would encourage almost anyone to want to make one of these projects. The brightest colour is probably the fox which features on the front cover. I do like the natural tones despite my usual attraction to brights.

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