Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Mood Blanket Update 3

I finally got round to the book review for two reasons. First of all it's a beautiful book and deserves to be raved about. Secondly I didn't want this blog to be over taken by the mood blanket. Having said that I didn't realise it had been over a week since I had posted a proper update. So when you get to my list of moods it might seem a little long. There are also only 6 days left to the crochet along. I have enough of each colour to do at least one more round (13 colours) and to be honest this is no where near long enough. I will just keep going until the yarn runs out. In all honesty though, while I am enjoying the project, I'm not really liking the colours together.

Day 14 - grey - I really do hate Sundays. Spent the day doing some work and thinking about having to get up early in the morning.

Day 15 - burgundy - Blackest of moods. If I had bright red to match my anger or black I would have used it. Burgundy was the closest I had to red. A lovely fellow student decided to be not so lovely in regards to a group project.

Day 16 - Teal - needed some cheering up after the day before (still seething) and so used my favourite colour.

Day 17 - white - picked to match the colour of the sky. Plus I really wanted to use one of the new colours I had picked up.

Day 18 - mid blue - fairly good mood. Given a lecture to help us with an assessment we were all struggling with. Had one of those 'eureka' moments.

Day 19 - yellow - a response about day 15 put me in a very good mood. Plus with the horrible weather we have been having I needed something bright.

Day 20 - bright pink - The best of moods. A day of having lunch with my cousin and then dinner with my three beautiful nieces. As loud as they can be they would put a smile on anyones face.

Day 21 - green - feeling delicate thanks to wine the previous day. However, did get to snuggle up and watch Coraline with my nieces in the morning.

Day 22 - grey - not in a bad mood or anything but I think the wine drinking over the weekend caught up with me. Could barely keep my eyes open.


  1. Loving your evolving mood blanket

  2. awww, thank you. I'm not sure about all those colours together but I like the fact that there is meaning behind it. My mum loves it mind you so she might pinch it when it's done (if I let her, lol).