Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mood Blanket Update 5

I took the above picture of the blanket for an instagram tag. We were to post what we were working on at that moment. I had just finished today's colour. While this photo doesn't show the extent of the blanket I prefer it to the one below.

Truth is I am not a fan of it. I love the challenge of it and the idea behind it but I am not really happy with the way it looks. My mum is happy with this mind you as she has now claimed it. Her favourite question at the moment is asking how her blanket is coming on. I told my sister at the weekend that I wasn't liking it and she wasn't surprised. Said basically it had to do with my OCDness and need for order. She put it a lot nicer than that but it pretty much sums it up. I need my stripes to be in an order, not random. Which would defeat the purpose.

It is getting bigger though and if I can get one more double stripe out of each colour I will be happy with the length.

Day 28 - pale blue - enough of Sunday hating. Spent some time playing with my new toy (iPad air - was a gift).

Day 29 - purple - feeling very productive. Got a lot more prep work done for my report and a good chunk of my management essay done

Day 30. - teal - happy day. Knitting group day is always a happy day.

Day 31 - mid green - got a little work done but also working on my boot cuffs which happen to be green

Day 32 - mid blue - happy day. Got the internet to work on iPad in uni which meant I could go to the quite zone to work (as apposed to the quiet computer lab where people pay no attention to the fact that they should be quiet, grrr). Lots of reading done and lots of feedback about third essay.

Day 33 - burgundy - warm and cosy day. Got my third essay planned and started. It was horrible outside but I was inside baking (more banana loafs).

Day 34 - bright pink - sister day. It really should have been blue mind you as it was also Doctor Who day.

Day 35 - white - still trying to stay away from the Sunday hating. Bit of a meh day mind you. Should maybe have just used grey.

Day 36 - dark blue - so cold outside and it was foggy. Would have used white again but had used it the day before. The dark blue can be for the ice which nearly caused me to fall on my backside on the way into uni. Also, I got to finish a book I was reading for fun and it only took me two days rather than the two weeks that has become the norm of late.

Day 37 - yellow - fairly happy. Working away on uni work when I really want to craft (this is a break) but I do get to go to knitting group later.

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