Sunday, 3 November 2013

Mood Blanket Update 2.

I've still to do todays mood stripe but it's early yet. Otherwise you are looking at two weeks worth of moods. Doesn't look to bleak does it? I have to say that I am enjoying taking part in this. I am loving seeing everyone's projects as they go too. Colour is a wonderful thing. You have experts (or are they experts?) who will tell you what each colour means and what moods they depict. That doesn't change the fact that colour can mean different things to different people.

I ended with day four last time so I have a fair few moods to catch you up on. I had meant to post this sooner but I spent some time with my sister this week and I got to see a friend I hadn't seen in years (see day 13 for the colour on that one).

I also saw that a local shop had these yarns too. They didn't have as many colours as the online store but they did have two that I don't have - yellow and white. I wasn't so bothered with the white but it took will power I didn't know I had to walk away without the yellow. It was so lovely and bright.

Day 5 - green - feeling guilty over not doing the work I had planned to do.

Day 6 - pale pink - day spent with sister is always a good day. Plus pink is her colour.

Day 7 - burgundy - I hate Sundays although I did get to spend some of it with my sister

Day 8 - dark blue - headache from early afternoon to bed time.

Day 9 - pale blue - good mood - productive day and then there was the knitting group

Day 10 - Medium blue - spent studying a subject I don't enjoy. On the other side I also got some crafting done.

Day 11 - mid green - Halloween!!!

Day 12 - pale pink - another day with sister. Lovely lunch and a chilled day.

Day 13 - purple - a good day as I got to see my lovely friend. I chose that colour specifically because she was wearing a similar colour.

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