Friday, 25 October 2013

Mood Blanket - first update!

I thought I would post my first update of my mood blanket. After four days of picking colours according to mood I am quite liking the way it's turning out. That initial chain stitch is a little tight though. A friend has told me over and over again to always do the foundation chain using a larger hook and then switch to the right size. I always forget. Well, in future I will remember. I have thought about taking it out again but after four days of colours I really don't want to do that.

My darker colours for darker moods also arrived. Again, I quite like them so it will be hard to choose one for a bad mood. Will just have to wait and see what colour I feel like using when that happens. That blue at the front is a little too bright for bad moods anyways.

Speaking of, I have worried that when it comes to picking my colour I will be swayed by matching with the previous days colour. Or I will develop a pattern. I don't do random very well. However, so far I have been proud of myself. For example, I chose blue on the third day. I was a little reluctant because I didn't think it would match the teal from the day before. I went with it anyway because it fitted my mood and as luck would have it they did go well together.

So here are my moods so far;

Day 1 - Hot pink, excited, tired and lots of laughs
Day 2 - Teal (my favourite colour out of the bunch), feeling productive, fun with knitting group friends, touched by a gift and wine!
Day 3 - Electric blue - very tired, sad at the end of GBBO, satisfied at the end of a good book, excited over a new project
Day 4 - purple - mood started out terrible, felt stressed and very tired, unmotivated, this changed after clarification in class and time with friends.


  1. I love this idea and thought about joining in but then realised each day has such different parts I'd be massively increasing my stash to represent all the shades of what I've experienced. Then there is the assigning of a colour to my mood, will I associate the colour as a mood, or just a colour....then I realised my this was FAR more complicated than it looks! Or maybe I just need to either 'get a life' or variegated yarn....LOL! Good luck with your crochet along.

  2. Lol, one of my friends is using variegated yarn. Another is choosing her colour by what she is wearing that day. Funny how people interpret it. I choose my colour by the mood I am in at the time I pick up my crochet. Otherwise I would be like yourself and unable to choose, lol. Thank you.