Sunday, 5 January 2014

Purchases, Pinnings and Sneak Peaks!

I hope everyone had a lovely New Year. Mine was spent as planned. In my jammies with my sister, DVDs, food and a few drinks. I also did a bit of knitting. Reluctantly my nose is back in the books but I am taking some time out to relax too.

Like yesterday, I met my friend Clare for coffee in the morning and we did a wee bit of shopping. I'm not going to lie, there was also cake. We ended up in hobbycraft which I had intended. I wanted to pick up some acrylic yarn for a crochet along (yes another one). As it had to be acrylic I wasn't going to be spending much. I had no intentions of buying anything else so intentionally left a voucher I had behind. When will I ever learn that I have no will power? As soon as I stepped in the store I saw they have created a display with their t-shirt yarn. Plus they had the colours I want for the mandala rug. How could I walk away with Christmas money in my pocket? Fingers cross this will be enough as this was the last red in the shade that I like on the shelf. It's also smaller than the other hanks (a friend of mine warned me that despite the labels the yardage on each of the hanks of boodles differ - most annoying).

I got the acrylic I wanted too and some glue sticks. I was then going to pick up a few other things to help me tick off things on my bucket list. See, now that I have created one I have an obsession about making sure I do it all. Even though my common sense tells me otherwise. I forgot the other things which is maybe just as well. Just because I have the means to do the projects doesn't mean it's going to get done. I only have so many pairs of hands.

I can also only have so many projects on the go at once. Just now I have three pairs of socks half finished. Two pairs are for the sock lesson I am preparing and one is because I wanted to knit something comfy. I really should cast on that second comfy sock. I can't start the other two before the class.

Thanks to instagram I also took a fancy to doing some crochet. This is the problem with instagram. So many lovely pics of what people are working on. I am weak people! If you remember back to the mood blanket it was part of a crochet along. The same group are doing another but this time it's for charity. Making hats and blankets for premature babies. A good cause! Plus, I get to use up some of my leftover yarn. All the justification I needed to ignore that little voice in my head telling me I should really be finishing other things. It's this project I needed the acrylic for because it has to be washed in high temperatures. It's fairly quick to do and it's for a good cause. Almost finished the first one.

Another great method of procrastination is Pinterest. It's no secret that I am a fan. I could spend hours on it and have done. It's a great fount of inspiration and I may even have made one or two things from pins (although don't ask me what because I can't remember). Anyway, I am thinking of doing weekly posts of some of my favourite pins. The problem is choosing them. I might try and strictly only list pins that are linked to tutorials or patterns. We shall see.

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