Monday, 27 January 2014

Pins I Love - Socks

It had to be done. If I was going to collect pins it was only right that I should base a post around socks. All of these have links to patterns on ravelry. Only two of them are free though. The rest you will have to pay for. This first one is by the famous Elizabeth Zimmerman. I think most knitters know of or have heard of her. These are more slippers than socks but I had to add them. First because it's Elizabeth Zimmerman. Second they are just so pretty! As always, click on the image and it will take you direct to the pattern on ravelry.

The second pair is truly gorgeous. Orange isn't usually my colour but the brightness suits the sock. It's called "Water for the Elephants" and was designed by Rose Hiver. It doesn't look like she has a blog but she has lots of lovely designs on ravelry. Best of all this one is free. I find it hard to believe as I think people would pay for this pattern. It won't stop me from taking advantage of it though.

Another free sock pattern. This one is a little more subtle but I quite like the muted tones. It was designed by Julia Mueler and is called "Dark Isle Socks". They are also a little longer and I think they would make a good sock for underneath boots.

Not a colourway pattern this time but a lace one. I love a lace pattern and this one is very pretty. Not sure I would use such a bright pink but I do like the effect of the lace. This one is called "Cavalcade Socks" and is designed by Tanis Lavallee.

I love this pattern. I love the colour of the yarn and I think it compliments the sock nicely. If it looks like a familiar design to you it's because it's by Cookie A. I love her designs and I think you can usually tell her designs from others. This one you can purchase straight from ravelry. I might have to put this one on my wish list.

I have a board dedicated just to knitty socks and for now it's the ones with colour work which appeal to me most. Sadly not all of them link to patterns. However, I have plenty of books and I should really look out one and have a go. Which one is your favourite?

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