Friday, 24 January 2014

More Baby Blankets!

I was hoping that by this point I would have something to show you that I am a might bit proud of. However, I ran out of yarn. I ordered more thinking it would only take a few days but it took a week. It finally arrived today and it's completely the wrong shade. I just have to hope the store has the right colour when I return it. This really has nothing to do with this post but I needed to vent my frustrations.

In other news I finished three more baby blankets for my friends preemie charity. She is collecting preemie hats and blankets from members of the online group and then sending them off to two charities. The first photo I stole from my knitting group blog page. The photo's I originally took made the red far too bright thanks to the lighting (bring on the longer days). The red was leftover from another charity I knitted for (hope to have photo's from that soon). I thought that would make the blankets nice and bright.

This white is the last one I am handing in as I have another charity to knit for. I had originally planned to make a large granny blanket for myself. This would be something else off my bucket list. I love that slate blue. Even though it's basic acrylic it is so soft and I love the colour. I also love the minimalist style and had planned mainly white with a strip of blue every tenth round. The truth is, that as much as I love the blue it wouldn't really fit with the colours that I am planning for my flat.

So I edged it off and handed it in to Lisa. I think this blanket might be my favourite of the five that I have handed in. It's not as brightly coloured as the others but hopefully someone will like it. I can use the rest of the blue for the knitting groups charity.


  1. Well done with your blankets and what a shame about your wool. I love how neat your work is.

    Thanks for your comment at my blog too. The fabric is from that designer emporium near Renfrew - IKEA! Good quality and very attractively priced.

    1. Thank you. Pinning hides a multitude of sins ;)

      Thanks for the info too. Really was very pretty.