Monday, 20 January 2014

Pins I Love 2.

Another pinterest update. I have an actual theme this time. If you guess crochet you would have guessed correctly. My love of crochet continues to grow just now. I seem to spend most of my time working with a hook rather than a set of dpns these days. So these pins are all about crochet. This first image combines three of my loves; cushions, crochet and buttons. Sadly, when I went investigating, I discovered that this pattern is no longer available. So I have nothing to link it too. The rest though are all linked to free patterns. So just click on the images.

I am cheating with this one. I actually pinned this some time ago. This week I did pin a baby blanket using the solid granny that I like so much. The pattern was based on this one though so I thought it best to link to the original. You will notice that the centres of these squares start off circular. The pattern comes form a website called The Purl Bee. I love visiting this website. They usually feature simplistic designs with touches of colour. I love this rainbow blanket though. Who doesn't love a rainbow?

I'm not sure I like the colours in this one. It's a little too bright even for me. I would also prefer that the entire cushion was made out of the crochet squares. I love the ruffle pattern though. I imagine that would feel so comfy and squidgy. Very comforting! I also think that it would make a good wash cloth design. I might have seen that on pinterest already. I doubt I came up with that myself. I just noticed that I lied about this pattern being available. The image is instead link to the flickr page belonging to the person who made this. It's actually designed by the same person who wrote the book "Granny Square Love", Sarah London. I think I have that book somewhere but you can visit her webpage here.

Now this one is linked to the pattern. It's in US abbreviations but just substitute double crochet for treble and you should be fine. I love the look of these. I think it's the contrast between the gray and the brighter colours. I think I will definitely be trying it at some point. I think there are a few free patterns on this page so might be worth checking out.

I love this scarf. I love both the colour and the design. This type of crochet is called broomstick.  The page says that it is easy but I have my doubts. Won't stop me from trying (at some point). Best of all it's available on ravelry and it's free! Have I mentioned my love of ravelry?

This laptop cover is also done in crochet and is also free on ravelry. I have promised myself many times to make a laptop cover (my laptop is still not playing) or a cover for my iPad. One day I will. What I love about this one is that it's done in cables. I love cables but have never attempted to do crochet cables. Would be interesting to have a go.

I'm not going to lie, I haven't done anything about the pins I posted last week. Only so many hours in the day. My talented mother on the other hand made the most amazing chicken noodle soup. I can tell you for a fact that it was amazing. She used Mary Berry's recipe though rather than the one I posted.


  1. What gorgeous items and I just love a good chicken noodle soup - lucky you!

    1. This is why I am addicted to pinterest. I could (and do) spend far too much time on it. I am particularly in love with those coasters.

      The chicken noodle soup was so tasty. I am definitely going to have to get a copy of Mary Berry's cookbook for myself.