Monday, 11 July 2016

July Stash

Stash wise I've actually been very good of late. I've been trying to be good. Partly because I really should be saving for other things. But also because my stash has grown into a monster. I have enough sock yarn to last me a couple of years at least.

Having said that I did join Lisa's mini skein club. After my posts on mini skeins I couldn't resist although I had no clear idea as what I would do with it. As you expect from the title the club involves getting so many mini skeins each month. You can sign up for 3, 5 or 7. You can also decide not to take part after the first month or skip if you feel the need. I decided on 5. I thought it was a good number if I wanted to create something with all five skeins. It makes up to 100g which after all is a pair of socks. I also chose sock weight for that reason.

The first box came through my door and I was excited for two reasons. It was my first proper post. Everything else I had until then was mail for the previous owner (which has since stopped). So nice to have something so lovely as your first official mail. Which leads onto the second reason. Look at all the pretty colours!

The second set came not so long ago. I am in love with the greens in this set. I particularly love the middle skein for the blue too. I have been thinking about what I could do with these mini skeins. I was thinking that I could continue collecting and separate them into matching colour to make a larger project. I haven't quite decided what yet. I will say that the second on the right reminds me a little of Christmas with the red and green. Might have to save that one for another project entirely.

You can sign up for the mini skein club over at Lisa's etsy shop here. Well worth it if you ask me. Especially if you are looking to start up your own collection with a range of colours.

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