Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Great British Sewing Bee - The Final!

Two Sewing Bee posts in one week. I was going to hold off until Monday but after watching the final I couldn't wait to talk about it. It was a good one for lots of reasons. There was no clear winner right until the end. I think nerves got the better of all three of them but they were all there for each other. They clearly wanted to win but wanted each other to succeed too. For that reason this has been my favourite season to date.

The final episode was all about evening wear. A perfect choice for a final episode as the sewers can go all out. For the first challenge they had to sew a man's dress shirt. It had to include perfect pin tucks and of course those dreaded cuffs. Each of them started off nervous and as a result there wasn't a perfect sew among them. Joyce won this round as her only mistake was the button hole on the collar not being perfectly aligned. Poor Charlotte came last as she took too much of a seem allowance for her collar and so it didn't quite work out. She panicked after that and sadly it showed.

For the second round the sewers had to reconstruct a mans dinner suit into a little black dress. Joyce and Charlotte swapped round this time and Charlotte won. To be honest I think she was the clear winner here. Her dress was very well done and it was perfectly sewn. Joyce made the rookie error of using blue sequence in her little black dress.

Lastly the sewers had to make an evening dress for their model. This time their model was someone from home. Joyce stitched a dress for her granddaughter, Jade for her mum's best friend and Charlotte for her ex husbands wife (I kid you not, how nice is that). My favourite dress was actually Jade's. I thought the beaded train was a perfect choice and went very well with the orange fabric. I think she should have won it for that alone. I don't think the mistakes she made in the dress were quite as noticeable as the others. Although she did come second in all of the other rounds I think it was a good second.

The dress which won it was Charlotte's evening dress. I personally wasn't as excited about this. I also think the mistake with her zip was visible straight away. I did like the colour though but I thought the style was a little safe. As for Joyce, she once again had a problem with fitting as she once again made her dress a little too big.

Over all though I think that Charlotte did justly deserve to win. I may have had a soft spot for Jade but Charlotte has been consistent through out. I felt from that start that she would definitely be in the final if not the winner. I liked Charlotte too as she was always seen to be helping out her fellow sewers. Not to mention all the hand knits she wore. I spotted that hitchhiker scarf a mile off.

Most of the sewers this series have their own blog or website. I have linked them all on my blog list page but you can see them all below here too. As always these images do not belong to me but to the BBC. Now when does Bake Off start?

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