Monday, 15 September 2014

She Survived!

A bit overly dramatic but it fits. A while ago my friend had asked me to teach her to crochet. She was a beginner in knitting but due to problems with her arms she was unable to keep going with it. Hence, her request to learn to crochet. Specifically she wanted to learn how to make the squares so she could make up a blanket. Now normally I would be super organised and have a lesson plan complete with step by step photographs. As I had left myself very little time I gathered some supplies, books and printed out some basic instructions and diagrams for a granny square.

First things first of course. Our priority was for coffee and cake. This would be necessary for poor Clare who didn't know what she had gotten herself into. You also have no idea how excited I was to see Costa had their salted caramel muffins back.

While I wasn't organised I did manage to make Clare up a little kit. It included some examples of granny squares, the instructions sheet, a notebook, yarn and a crochet hook.

Despite her hatred of trebles and never having done any crochet before I think Clare did well. Quickly she managed to get her square started and she seemed to get used to holding the crochet hook quite well. She even named the part where you do your first corner the 'scotty dog'. I can see why.

Mind you we did manage to create a mess while we were there. We were a little spread out all along the coffee bar. Just as well it wasn't too busy.

And success! Clare managed a square before it was time to go and it looks good too.  She also survived my lesson (despite my tactics to remind her where the crochet hook should go - got a poke in the arm with a hook for that one). I also taught her to do it the way the books teach it. With the 6 chains at the start of each round which acts as a treble and the corner. I do it a different way but I thought it would be easier for Clare so that she could then use the books to help her if she gets stuck. Plus, I think it makes for a more even square. I might be converted to this method myself.

Despite the trauma poor Clare even got me a wee present. She knows me too well. Next time I promise to have the more detailed sheets ready.

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