Saturday, 13 September 2014

Almost Having Withdrawal!

Thanks to secret projects and finishing my degree I have had virtually no sock knitting time. I almost ALWAYS have socks on the go so this was quite hard for me. I don't mind telling you there were some rocky moments there when I was about to throw caution to the wind and just cast on a pair. Thankfully I remained strong and somehow got through this terrible time. You have no idea how good it was to cast on those socks. Even when I did it a second time after deciding that I wanted to use a smaller needle size.

I am just glad that the first pair was using this yarn. I am not going to rave about it because I do it all the time. Like herehere and here. It can't be helped. You have no idea how good it is to knit with until you do it yourself. It makes the loveliest, softest and silkiest of socks. AND they sparkle. Okay, I promised I wouldn't rave about it.

These are the auction socks and I finally contacted the lady to let her know they would be with her next week. Thankfully she was so patient that she actually forgot all about it until I contacted her. I hope she won't mind the wait. She had said that she liked purples and blues and I hope this will be to her liking. I love the striping of the yarn and I don't mind admitting that if they weren't a size too small I would be tempted to keep them. Again it's the yarn.

Also look at the heel! Just look! Striping perfection. You couldn't plan it better (and with variegated yarn I never try to).

In case you can't tell all of my secret projects are finished. You saw the first two with the baby showers. The last one though you will have to wait until I get the chance to pass it on to the person it is meant for. Now I plan to go back to the colourwork socks I started many moons ago. I just hope I remember where I am in the pattern.

Meanwhile I have started a stitching project. This is one I promised to do for my sister about a year ago (oops) cause the colours match her living room. It's nice to be stitching on evenweave again.

In other new my GBBO obsession is growing now that I actually have time to enjoy it. I'm not going to give you a runnin commentary but I will say I rather enjoyed the European bakes. I could see myself attempting one or two of them. Even if I had never heard of any of them. This week I was on twitter while it was viewing. It meant not a lot of sock knitting got done (I was turning the heel on the second sock) but I liked that involvement. It also led to a discovery of geeking out proportions. I found and followed the twitter account of the GBBO illustrator. His name is Tom Hovey and you can find him @twistedloaf  (Norman is also on twitter @Normcalder). This image is from the GBBO facebook page. It appealed to me because I had to read that chocolate cake recipe at least four or five times to make sure I was following it correctly.

Don't think my lack of a full blow by blow means this is the last you will here of GBBO. Remember I am obsessed. Plus I am now organising a cake off for my knitting group (no judging just lots of cake).

Oh and today I taught my friend to crochet. That will be the next update.

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