Friday, 5 September 2014

I Baked Too!

Yep, I baked this week again. Not for placement (as it is all finished) and not the same old banana bread. This time I tried something from my other bake off book (the one I bought last year but still hadn't used). Wee Sis, mum and I were having a girly day so I decided to make something. My sister loves her lemon cake and my mum quite likes it too. So I decided to give the lemon poppy seed cake a go. It was an easy recipe to follow. It was my first time using ground almonds in cake and poppy seeds for that matter. I also added a little extra lemon zest than was listed in the recipe.

In all honesty I wasn't impressed with it. I didn't think the lemon was strong enough. I also don't understand the purpose of poppy seeds. I couldn't taste them and all it did was add an extra crunch to the cake. I tried looking it up and some people say that it makes the cake richer and others say that it adds an extra spice. I didn't dislike them mind you so I'm not against using them in other recipes. My mum and sister disagree with me over this cake. While I wasn't a fan they loved it. Wee Sis again mentioned I should pack in the nursing and open a bakery (not going to happen). So on that side it was a success.

As it was pie week on GBBO I should have made pie. However, I don't like pie although watching it I did want to have a go at making pastry. It looked like fun. I think we should take a moment though to express our deep sorrow at losing Norman. I was completely gutted that he was asked to leave. I am really going to miss him. My friend and I are thinking about starting a campaign to bring him back. It doesn't have to be as part of the competition. We think he should have his own segment called 'Norman's Corner'. Again, this photo doesn't belong to me but to the GBBO facebook page.

I am still on my final secret project. It's going well and I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel. In other news I finally cast on those socks using a smaller needle size. I am much happier with it as a result. In the meantime my lovely friend who dyed this yarn is going through a very tough time right now so please send out your thoughts and good wishes to her and her family.

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