Monday, 29 September 2014

More Life Drawing.

Last week I had my second session at the life drawing and once again I enjoyed it. It's quite nice to do something different for a change and discover that you aren't as horrible at it as you thought you would be. Don't get me wrong, I had did some crackers last week. The kind that will never see the light of day but I still enjoyed it. So I am showing you my best ones. My favourite is right at the end. Oh, and if you hold on to past that my sister gave permission to show a couple of hers.

This first one is unfinished. They are all kind of unfinished. The poses only last so long and there is always extra work you would like to add into it. This one though I wasn't even halfway done. On the plus side it means you don't have time to add in the detail. I am crap at the detail.

Oh, and nothing gets your adrenaline going in a life drawing class when you momentarily think you might know the model (I thought I knew the person before they took their robe off just in case you wondered). Thankfully I was wrong. It would have meant I would have had to leave or never look the person in the eye again.

This was my last drawing of the evening and again it's unfinished. Mainly because this was my second attempt. There was a lot more shading that I wanted to get in there.

This last pose was my favourite. It still has errors in it but I am quite proud of it. In the very first drawing I tried out my charcoal pencils (and discovered I prefer plain old charcoal). In the last two I used my sisters oil pastels. I quite enjoyed using them. Mainly because I love to smudge my lines and this makes for excellent smudging. I highly recommend them. They are good fun. Plus you can blend them with other shades. I just used a white to blend but my sister used other colours too.

As I said, I promised that I would show a few of my sisters drawings. You can see the expert here. I drew this pose to but it will be kept only as a reminder of what not to do. My sister on the other hand has actual talent. I think this one was her favourite. I can't remember what she used here. I have a feeling it might have been graphite pencils but I could be completely wrong.

I love this one that she did. Actually I liked all of them. You can probably see that I feel the need to fill the entire page whereas my sister manages to get the entire pose in. She used oil pastels here and you can see she used different colours in there. Hers have an ephemeral quality to them. I mentioned that to here and was rather proud of myself when she said that other people have said that to her in the past. Unlike me she is also good at the detail but time is limited.

Tomorrow will be the last time we can go for a while as my sister starts her creative writing class. Meanwhile she has been scouring the internet to find other untutored life drawing clubs in Glasgow.

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